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About Counselling

Counsellors and psychotherapists help people to talk about their feelings, think about their choices or their behaviour, and make positive changes in their lives.

- British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is counselling?

People seek counselling and psychotherapy to help resolve a range of issues. They may be experiencing difficult and distressing events in their lives, such as bereavement, divorce, health issues, job concerns, or they may have more general underlying feelings of anxiety, depression or a general dissatisfaction with life. Some clients come with difficult or painful life experiences, and some feel low and just don't know why.

For many of us, there are times when life can be challenging and events in our personal or work life can be overwhelming. At these times, we may turn to friends and family for help and support. But sometimes this is not possible, or not enough, so we can feel alone and unable to cope. It is at these times talking things through with someone who is not directly involved in your life can be beneficial.

Counselling usually addresses specific issues, such as stress, anxiety, relationship issues etc. and is more short term. Psychotherapy addresses a broader range of issues and issues that might stem from the past. This tends to be longer term.

How will counselling help?

As a Gestalt therapist I believe that all of your experiences are equally important. We might explore past events and patterns of behaviour. We may also look at the things that are helping you in life and the things that are not working. In therapy we would explore your experiences by examining feelings, thoughts and relationships. My aim is for you to become aware of your situation, find out how you are part of it, and help you find solutions or ways to face the situation. This process will help you understand and accept yourself so that you can move forward.

As a counsellor I provide a confidential, safe, non-judgemental and supportive space for you to explore issues to enable you to take control of your life, resolve your difficulties and increase your sense of well being.